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ASTM D3518 / D3518M - 18

D3518/D3518M Standard Test Method for In-Plane Shear Response of Polymer Matrix Composite Materials by Tensile Test of a #xb1;45#xb0; Laminate has been revised to D3518/D3518M-18

ASTM D953 - 18

D953 Standard Test Method for Pin-Bearing Strength of Plastics has been revised to D953-18

ISO 21022:2018

ISO 21022:2018 - Test method for fibre-reinforced cementitious composites -- Load-deflection curve using circular plates

ISO 20337:2018

ISO 20337:2018 - Fibre-reinforced plastic composites -- Shear test method using a shear frame for the determination of the in-plane shear stress/shear strain response and shear modulus

ASTM D2584 - 18

D2584 Standard Test Method for Ignition Loss of Cured Reinforced Resins has been revised to D2584-18

ASTM D5813 - 04(2018)

D5813 Standard Specification for Cured-In-Place Thermosetting Resin Sewer Piping Systems has been reapproved, available as D5813-04(2018)

ASTM F2769 - 18

F2769 Standard Specification for Polyethylene of Raised Temperature (PE-RT) Plastic Hot and Cold-Water Tubing and Distribution Systems has been revised to F2769-18

ISO 19927:2018

ISO 19927:2018 - Fibre-reinforced plastic composites -- Determination of interlaminar strength and modulus by double beam shear test

ASTM D4762 - 18

D4762 Standard Guide for Testing Polymer Matrix Composite Materials has been revised to D4762-18

ASTM D5766 / D5766M - 11(2018)

D5766/D5766M Standard Test Method for Open-Hole Tensile Strength of Polymer Matrix Composite Laminates has been reapproved, available as D5766/D5766M-11(2018)

ASTM D6818 - 18a

D6818 Standard Test Method for Ultimate Tensile Properties of Rolled Erosion Control Products has been revised to D6818-18a

ASTM D7615 / D7615M - 11(2018)

D7615/D7615M Standard Practice for Open-Hole Fatigue Response of Polymer Matrix Composite Laminates has been reapproved, available as D7615/D7615M-11(2018)

ASTM D7249 / D7249M - 18

D7249/D7249M Standard Test Method for Facesheet Properties of Sandwich Constructions by Long Beam Flexure has been revised to D7249/D7249M-18

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