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Method of producing a composite product

Method of producing a composite product Abstract The present disclosure provides a method of producing a composite product (10) for use as a flooring material. A natural timber product is selected for imaging and a product image is produced based on the natural timber product by scanning the natural timber product using an imaging scanner. At least one printing die is engraved based on the product image and the scanned image is printed on a polymer sheet (14) using the engraved printing die. A solid core member (12) is produced from a combination of at least a stone powder and a heated thermoplastic resin. The solid core member (12) and the printed polymer sheet (14) are hot pressed to bond the solid core (12) to the printed polymer sheet (14). Finally, the polymer sheet (14) is coated with a wear-resistant polymer layer (16). Select natural product for imaging Scan selected product with image scanner Produce product image Cut printing dies based on product image Print product image on polymer sheet material Hot press printed sheet Produce stone plastic onto solid core solid core member Coat printed sheet with wear-resistant polymer layer Fig. 1

» Number: AU2019100233A4 (A4)

» Publication Date: 19//2/11/0


» Inventor: WANG JIANWEN

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