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This disclosure describes incorporation of a liquid additive within one or more phases of a multiphase polymer coating. The structure of the microphase-separated network provides reservoirs for liquid in discrete and/or continuous phases. Some variations provide an anti-fouling segmented copolymer composition comprising: (a) one or more first soft segments selected from fluoropolymers; (b) one or more second soft segments selected from polyesters or polyethers; (c) one or more isocyanate species; (d) one or more polyol or polyamine chain extenders or crosslinkers; and (e) a liquid additive disposed in the first soft segments and/or the second soft segments. The first soft segments and the second soft segments are microphase-separated on a microphase-separation length scale from 0.1 microns to 500 microns. These solid/liquid hybrid materials improve physical properties associated with the coating in applications such as anti-fouling (e.g., anti-ice or anti-bug) surfaces, ion conduction, and corrosion resistance.

» Number: WO2019005272A1 (A1)

» Publication Date: 19//2/03/0

» Applicant: HRL LAB LLC?[US]

» Inventor: NOWAK ANDREW?[US]; GROSS ADAM?[US] (2)

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