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Provided is a non-woven fabric, made by bonding multiple layers together; each layer employs a plurality of single sets of tows (1) arranged closely, and empty gap positions (2) are arranged at a certain distance; a chopped strand is placed between the empty gap position (2) of each layer and on the remaining flat surface of another layer; warp and weft direction layers (3, 4) are used; the left layer (5) and the right layer (6) of the diagonal between the warp and weft directions are made of superimposed and bonded layers; said non-woven fabric has an increased proportion of tows (1) per unit volume; each diagonal between the warp and weft has tensile strength; the interlaminar shear force is increased, such that the invention is suitable for fiber-reinforced materials and reinforcing materials for plastic-based composite materials; it can also be used for various purposes, and is a non-woven fabric having high tensile strength, strong resistance to distortion, strong interlaminar shear resistance, and good softness.

» Number: WO2018218958A1 (A1)

» Publication Date: 18//2/06/1

» Applicant: LUO ENHAO?[CN]

» Inventor: LUO ENHAO?[CN]

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