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UK-based technology company offers advanced numerical modelling and simulation services to provide solutions to partners' engineering challenges under services agreement

A UK-based engineering and technology company offers advanced engineering analysis, numerical modelling and simulation services, to provide solutions to engineering challenges. Working in multiple sectors they have a large, experienced multi-disciplinary team. Their skill areas applicable across all industries, include fluid dynamics, structural analysis and material performance. They are looking to expand their global presence and work with companies under services agreements.

Partnership(s) sought

  • Services agreement

Descripción completa

It is important that engineered solutions perform at their optimum. This means that the performance of these systems has to be fully understood both at the early design stages and later to solve any problems that may arise. However, this kind of system design and optimisation has had to rely on data provided from operational performance, in-use measurements and from physical testing. This severely limits its usefulness in the design process, where such data is not available, and in performance optimisation, where physical testing is not practical.

These limitations can be overcome through the use of advanced engineering analysis, numerical modelling and simulation tools. Such tools can provide valuable insight and understanding to a wide variety of engineering problems and enable the performance of a system to be understood, often without the need for operational data, measurements or physical testing. As such they allow validation or de-risking design decisions, optimisation of system performance, reduction of component cost, demonstration of legal compliance, predicting or understanding failures.

A UK-based systems engineering company is offering its advanced numerical modelling, analysis and simulation services and accompanying expertise. They will provide partners with their market leading analysis skills and expertise in fluid dynamics, structural analysis and material performance. The UK-based company also has complementary expertise in safety management, design development, electronics and control, requirements handling, risk management and environmental services among others.

This complementary, value-added approach enables the UK company to use its multi-disciplinary knowledge from a range of skill areas with its modelling and simulation services to provide solutions to partners' engineering challenges. This enables the most cost effective and appropriate methodology to solve the issues faced by partners.

The company is looking to expand on the work it has been doing in the UK and overseas and so is offering its services and expertise to companies of all sizes working in the engineering sector. The UK company will help partners to develop individual solutions to their unique needs to deliver demonstrable technical and business value. Engagement with partner companies is envisaged as a services agreements although other options will be considered where appropriate.

Socio buscado:

- Specific area of activity of the partner: The company is looking to partner with engineering companies, or companies with engineering solutions and challenges to offer them their advanced numerical modelling and simulation services. The company is especially looking to work with companies in the aerospace, nuclear, health & medical, oil & gas, power generation, energy and transport sectors but is also open to working with companies outside these areas.

The company will work with partners to use advanced numerical modelling and simulation to analyse and overcome partners' engineering problems. It is envisaged that this partnership will take the form of a services agreement, although other types of agreement will be considered where appropriate and beneficial to both parties.

Advantages & innovations:

The UK-based company has the following advantages:

Expertise in advanced numerical modelling and simulation ? the company has over 150 specialists in this area, 20% of which hold PhDs.

Investment in latest model codes and a large high performance cluster gave the company facilities and equipment capacity to match the level of expertise.

Experience in a broad range of applications including the following:
? Aerodynamics
? Blast and Shock
? Corrosion modelling
? Flow performance
? Fire and smoke
? Hydrodynamics
? Life assessment.
? Material performance
? Noise and vibration
? Piping networks
? Seismic assessment
? Thermal management
? Turbo machinery
? Structural integrity
? Ventilation and cooling.
? Welding and joining

A strong innovative mind-set and a complementary approach that brings together technical expertise with knowledge of safety and risk management, legislative development and environmental services. This provides partners with value-added services alongside numerical modelling and simulation by placing their engineering solution in a broader context.
This is exemplified by:
? Development of ISO code for dilution ventilation performance and blasts.
? Residual stress prediction in manufacturing processes such as welds.
? Methodology for predicting wave loading on aircraft during ditching.
? Condition based asset management for plant machinery.
? Prediction of corrosion rates in the marine environment.
? High and low temperature fatigue crack predictions methods.
? Bird strike impact on the composite structure of aircrafts.

The company has an extensive track record of delivering value adding solutions using numerical modelling
orologi replica and simulation for even the most challenging problems faced by partners.

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