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French manufacturer of hydrogen tanks is looking for subcontracting, commercial agency and distribution agreements

The French company is the only one in Europe to design and produce 2 types of hydrogen storage technologies for mobile, nomadic or stationary applications: a pressurised system and a hydrid system that stores hydrogen in solid form at low pressure. It is looking for subcontracting, commercial agency and distribution agreements to develop its high know-how, its sales and its markets at an international level. The company constantly innovates for the sustainability of natural energies.

Partnership(s) sought
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Descripción completa

This innovative French company is committed to energy transition. It offers inventive solutions in energy storage, and more specifically hydrogen storage solutions for mobile or stationary applications. From compressed storage to solid storage through hydrids, this French company demonstrates its strong expertise by offering certified solutions in hydrogen storage:

- Compressed storage solutions:
Compressed hydrogen is stored in a tank made of a polymer liner and a composite structure which withstands the loads. Filament winding is used to reinforce optimally the liner by long-fiber composites in order to optimize its resistance to pressure. These type-IV tanks are light and therefore perfect for mobile or nomad applications but can also be used for big volume stationary storage. The range of pressure goes from 60bar to 525bar. Those storage are dedicated to energy storage and gas transportation as well as buffer tanks for hydrogen refuelling stations.

- Solid storage solutions:
The company offers a wide range of hydrogen solid storage solutions. The implemented technology relies on the use of hydrids, a metallic powder which absorbs and stores significant hydrogen quantity at low pressure and room temperature. Thanks to their complete control of the process of induction heating, they guarantee on-demand solutions as well as materials quality. Single unit or assembled, their storage solutions can satisfy all needs for most of the possible applications, from small applications to bigger ones.

Thanks to its wide know-how on hydrogen technologies, the company is also developing complete energy storage system using hydrogen.

The French company has been exhibiting and presenting its new projects around hydrogen for 7 years at Hannover Messe in Germany, which is the largest industrial technology fair. It was still present to the B to Fair meetings 2018 and could meet many interesting clients. In 2017, the manager of the company presented to the French Minister of Ecological and Solidary Transition their solutions dedicated to hydrogen energy and in particular their complete solution for energy autonomy to improve security when its comes to the intermittency of the renewable energies. The Minister then reaffirmed its position on the potential of hydrogen as an energy carrier.

To access to new industrial projects, to enlarge its markets abroad, to increase its sales and turnover and to be more recognized worldwide, the company is looking for subcontracting, commercial agency and distribution agreements with industrial partners, public or private institutions, mainly involved in automotive, energy, transport, maritime, boats, aerospace, construction, passive housing, wind energy, fuel cells, batteries, electricity and electrolysis engineering, towed equiments, hybrid stations....

Socio buscado:

- Specific area of activity of the partner: Type of partners sought:
- Commercial agents, distributors who are experienced and introduced to networks of public or private organizations, industries specialised in sustainable development.

The company is looking too for commercial agents and distributors involved or interested in intelligent energy, sustainable development and hydrogen solutions.

- Industrial subcontracting partners involved in automotive, energy, transport, maritime, boats, aerospace, construction, passive housing, wind energy, fuel cells, batteries, electricity and electrolysis, towed equiments, hybrid stations, etc. These partners will be interested in the subcontracting services linked to hydrogen storage offered by the French company.

Their role:
The commercial agents or distributors will represent the French company to companies, local authorities and municipalities, universities... The company wants to share with them their projects of infrastructures, public facilities by using its strong expertise in hydrogen storage equipments such as: vehicles' filing stations, energy storage sites or equipments, improvement of public transport conditions.

The commercial agents and distributors will commercialize, distribute, through their distribution channels abroad, the French company's products in their respective countries, help the company to develop its sales and turnover in international countries, its notoriety as well.

Industries, suppliers of energy components: they want to work under subcontracting services, in a long term and reliable partnership. They wish to associate hydrogen to their own existing components, to improve their innovation, to protect environment for a long time. All suggestions will be studied.

All the discussions, will be treated under confidentiality contracts, with specifications, plans, drawings or models if possible.

Advantages & innovations:

- This company is unique because it is the only one that masters two technologies of hydrogen storage. Therefore, they are able to propose their clients hydrogen solid storage systems and compressed storage.

Innovation's example:
- The company has bought a new production tool that aims to accompany its industrialization stage of compressed hydrogen tanks. Filament winding is a technology for the manufacturing of composite materials at high performance. It allows reinforcing mechanically a polymer or metallic liner (which ensures the sealing of the gas) by winding around fibers that are impregnated with resin, that is for example composites out of carbon/epoxy. This optimization of the reinforcement enables to withstand to higher pressure. With resistance to pressure comes a higher capacity to compress and therefore a larger volume of stored gas. This is one of the key of hydrogen, the lightest gas.

Development Stage:

Already on the market - The company has developed big projects in Japan, Canada. It has 250 tanks installed worldwide.

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