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Ukrainian company, producer of cooling towers and cooling towers components, is looking for dealers/agents, end customer or engineering companies

A Ukrainian company is able to offer a wide range of packaged-type or field erected mechanical draft cooling tower with a capacity up to 10 000 m³/h as well as custom designed cooling tower in order to provide customer with the best engineering solution. Looking for: end customer (towers, components and equipment purchase, operation, maintenance); dealer or agent (negotiation, products promoting and sale in the local market); engineering company (products-in-project integration).

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Ukrainian company works in the sphere of energy saving technologies of industrial water supply since 1994. The company includes the coolers production plant, design bureau, engineering center and customer service.

Cooling tower is a device using latent heat of evaporation to cool process water by rejecting low-potential heat into ambient air. Cooling towers are used in all industries for power generation air-conditioning, steel manufacturing, gaseous products condensation and liquid products cooling.

If existed cooling tower is retrofitted, the company is able to supply promptly:
- effective filling for any kind of water quantity
- top-performing drift eliminator
- full-cone or overlap nozzles
- piping system or open channels with optimal water distribution
- fan units or separate components and equipment (impellers, electric motors, fan-stacks)

To ensure continuous and reliable operation of cooling towers, company applies components and equipment of own production that have been proved at the test benches and/or purchased from leading suppliers ( Multi-Wing, Brentwood Inc., etc.), have quality certificates and positive service experience, as well as the extended warranty period. The framework of cooling towers has outstanding durability with an over 20 year?s lifespan. Structural elements are made of stainless steel or protected by galvanizing. Advanced composite materials applies to provide most benefits today.
Cooling tower control package offers the most sophisticated and comprehensive level of control available to report, monitor and manage cooling towers. The power requirement of a fan varies as a cube of speed. Variable frequency drive allows the cooling tower?s fan to run at the desired speed to meet the cooling demand. Typically, the fan will run at 40-70% of full speed, thus saving 50% or more of the energy consumed by a fixed speed system
CMS (Control manage system) provides energy cost savings and management benefits:
- air flow is matched with actual demand
- reduces fan noise level
- accurate temperature control
- reduces the amount of make-up water required
- reduce tower icing potential by running fan at lower speed
- fan unit vibration control
- reduces line voltage fluctuation caused high demand
- increased life of fans

The products are certified certified by the European safety directives of Council of Europe.

The company is looking for:
- end customer (towers, components and equipment purchase, operation, maintenance);
- dealer or agent (negotiation, products promoting and sale in the local market);
- engineering company (products-in-project integration).

Socio buscado:

- Specific area of activity of the partner: Cooperation and partnership:
- End customer (towers, components and equipment purchase, operation, maintenance).
- Dealer or agent (negotiation, products promoting and sale in the local market)
- Engineering company (products-in-project integration)

Advantages & innovations:

Properly selected cooling tower is an essential factor in reaching the top performance of processing equipment, the highest quality of goods, the lowest net cost of product and reasonable consumptions of electric energy, fossil fuel and raw material. Moreover, wise application and effective operation of cooling towers allows significantly restrict the negative environmental impact by reducing natural resources consumption. Nowadays low-potential heat rejection in cooling towers is the most affordable way to save at least 95% of circulating water.
- wide range of cooling towers and cooling towers components
- implemented quality management system ISO 9001:2015
- innovative components application
- custom design of cooling towers considering customer?s requirements
- 25 years of experience in cooling tower industry
- dedicated software is used for rating and selecting of cooling towers as well as software provided by CTI (Cooling Tower Institute)
- reliable warranty service and after-sale maintenance
- personal manager is provided for each customer for prompt support
- reasonable price-quality ratio
- own test bench developed together with Institute of

Development Stage:

Already on the market - 25 years of experience in cooling tower industry


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