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Polish producer of composite boards is looking for distributors and commercial agents.

A Polish company, specialized in the production of high quality composite boards.
Composite boards are produced by combining high quality wood with modern polymers, so that they are distinguished by exceptional durability, resistance to changeable weather conditions, moulds as well as mechanical damage. The company wants to export its products to foreign markets and is looking for commercial agents or distributors around the world.

Partnership(s) sought
  • Distribution services agreement Commercial agency agreement
Descripción completa

The company from Malopolska, South of Poland has been present on the market for more than 9 years now. During this time, they have obtained extensive experience which helps them to grow dynamically on the Polish and international markets. Currently the company has reached distribution agreements with companies from Switzerland, Germany, England, Denmark, Norway, Austria, Hungary, Croatia, Netherland, Spain, Lithuania, Latvia, Sweden, Puerto Rico, Canada, Russia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Belgium, and is looking for worldwide expansion. The company has its own warehouse and factory.

Composite terraces combine beauty of natural wood and durability of modern polymers. This product is directed to everyone, who appreciates modern solutions and timelss appearance. Due to applying high quality materials, composite boards require no painting, impregnation and maintenance - they will look very great with no additional effort and time. The company offer includes two types of terrace systems which are highly resistant to scratches and are weatherproof.
The SME offers not only terrace systems - but as well modern elevations and fences which distinguish your house and decide upon its character.
Composite panels will help to achieve the effect of beautiful natural wood, providing at the same time greater durability and resistance to rot, decay and pests. Moreover, what is really important in case of such large areas, composite elevations and fences require no maintenance or impregnation.

The company is looking for suitable partners in foreign countries to expand their markets and not to depend just on the home market. They are looking for distributors and sales agents for their products to expand their export activity.

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- Specific area of activity of the partner: The company is interested in cooperation with trade intermediaries under the commercial agency agreement and distribution services agreement.
The ideal partner for cooperation would be distributors, wholesalers, agents and companies (e.g. construction/service companies, developer) but the company is open to any proposal of cooperation.
Ideally the partner should already have expertise in the field of wood products.

Advantages & innovations:

Two methods are used in the production of composite boards, namely - extrusion and co-extrusion. Depending on the applied technology, products can differ significantly as to their properties and durability.
The company has been successfully using extrusion technology for many years. This means that a uniform material of the same colour and identical quality has been used in the entire board cross section. Not only does this method guarantee the high quality of the product, but also perfect terrace appearance for years.
With the aim to reduce production costs, some manufacturers make boards using co-extrusion technology. The co-extrusion method consists in combining several different materials into a coherent integrity. Thus, composites hide cheap, usually recycled material that not only can smell, but also can contain harmful substances. What is more, over the years under the influence of external factors, products manufactured with the use of this technique can stratify.
Differences between boards produced using extrusion and co-extrusion technology can be compared to the differences between gold and gold-plated jewellery.
A carefully selected composition of terrace boards ensures great durability and resistance to weather conditions. High product quality is confirmed by the guarantee against rot and decay - up to 25 years.

Development Stage:

Already on the market

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