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A Polish company specializing in the manufacture of composite reinforced concrete for glass fiber and basalt fiber is looking for distributors

This Polish company produces glass fibre and basalt composite rods, using materials with high-quality standards. Composite reinforcement bars are an innovative product that is gaining increasing interest in the construction industry worldwide. The advantages of composite bars are: stretch resistance, corrosion resistance, magnetization and temperature, lightness.

The company is looking for distributors.

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Composite bars are an innovative and modern product that is an alternative to traditional steel reinforcement of steel bars.
The Polish company of glass fiber and basalt composite rods producing their brands from the materials with the high-quality standards.
Composite materials including composite reinforcement bars are made of two materials: fibers (eg glass, basalt, carbon, and others) and binder (eg epoxy resin and hardener).
The composite rods of the company are produced by the fiber drag method - pultrusion. The pultrusion technology consists in producing a continuous composite rod in a machine called a pultruded by pulling pre-polymerized ultra-fine glass fibers or basalt fibers bonded to a resin-based polymer resin
(mostly epoxy).
Composite bars have a wide application. A client can use them in the: road, railway, industrial, general, bridging, water, horticulture, mining, aviation, and prefabrication.
The company is already on the market and is looking for new distributors from the European countries.

Socio buscado:

- Type of partner sought: Technology is ready to be implemented.
The prototype can be customized to meet the needs of the partners.
- Specific area of activity of the partner: The company is looking for distributors from the European countries.
Partners should be loyal, honest, make regular orders and timely payments for the purchased goods.
The company is also interested in cooperation with companies from the construction sectors and from the universities.

Advantages & innovations:

In the manufacture of composite bars, about 5 times less energy is consumed than in the manufacture of steel bars.
During storage, the worn composite rods do not emit harmful substances and do not cause adverse effects when exposed to soil and drinking water, the rods do not dissolve in water.
During its use, composite rods do not emit any harmful substances that could endanger human life or health and the environment.
Processing is fast and easy, and therefore cheap and full. The used composite rods are crushed (cut or cut into small pieces). This material is used, for example, as an additive for concrete mixes.
Glass and basalt composite rods are designed for the construction of reinforced concrete elements. They work great under conditions where traditional steel reinforcement is exposed to corrosion. Areas of application include general construction, industrial, road, water and geotechnical construction.

Development Stage:

Already on the market



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