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Tailored materials development for 3D printing with Fused Deposition Modelling

A Spanish research centre, specialised in plastics and composite materials, offers development of tailored polymer materials for 3D printing. The centre is equipped with high performance single-spindle extrusion equipment and a twin-screw extruder for mixtures.It is looking for partners as 3D additive manufacturers coming from a wide range of sectors (automotive, aeronautics, etc) and 3D printing machine manufacturers, interested in research, technical cooperation and services agreements.

Partnership(s) sought
  • Services agreement Technical cooperation agreement Research cooperation agreement
Descripción completa

A Spanish research and development (R&D) institute specialised in plastics and composite materials offers its expertise, design assistance and consulting to 3D additive manufacturers industry and research willing to develop tailored polymer materials for 3D printing with Fused Deposition Modelling (FDM) technology.

Its R&D team is involved in a continuous open-innovation line-management process in order to accrue enough knowledge and capacities to face any challenging research project for industry offering theree high-tech and excellent research areas:
? Polymers and biopolymers, composites: synthesis, formulation and transformation of plastics from renewable sources.
? Sustainable management: life cycle assessment and life cycle costing assessment, environmental product declaration, product categories rules, eco-design, waste revaluing.
? Software engineering: FIWARE applications, internet of things, big data...

The materials department has performed an intensive work in development of new materials from renewable sources developing new plastics formulations, process and final products. In practice, the institute's skills include:

- Materials and filaments development: Tailored materials, for the manufacture of filaments for technical parts, fibres of natural origin and fibres from recovered materials recycled. For the development of new filaments for 3D FDM printing in a wide range of polymer matrices, the R&D centre is equipped with high performance single-spindle extrusion equipment.

- Formulation and compounding: Formulations of materials on demand. The research centre is specialized in high performance thermoplastics, biomaterials, nano additives and other particles as well as the combination of materials with additives to achieve the desired functions for 3D FDM printing.The R&D centre is equipped with twin-screw extruder for mixtures.

- Rapid prototyping: The research institution has capabilities for FDM printing of parts and prototypes, for the testing and validation of materials and filaments developed and for quality control and manufacturing standards.

- Test and analysis capabilities: The research centre has the knowledge and equipment for the characterization of plastic materials, with ENAC 772 / LE 2003 accreditation:

The R&D centre would like to collaborate with industries, under services agreement, needing to integrate R&D into their products and projects development processes, coming mainly from 3D additive manufacturers mainly coming from automotive, aeronautics, food packaging, sports and construction materials, moulds and smelting, electronics, machine tool, etc.

The centre is interested in research cooperation agreements and technical cooperation agreements with industry but also with research institutes. They are also open to collaborate in the frame of European projects such as Horizon 2020 projects.

Socio buscado:

- Specific area of activity of the partner: The R&D centre would like to collaborate with industrials wanting to develop projects and products including new polymers materials such as composite or thermoplastics materials, for 3D (FDM) printing or other manufacturing processes through technical cooperation or services agreement.

They are also interested in collaborating with universities or labs looking for skills in polymers characterization, formulation or processing.

The centre is interested in research cooperation agreements and technical cooperation agreements. They are also open to collaboration under European projects.

Advantages & innovations:

The R&D centre?s key strength lies in its capacity to bridge the gap between formulating polymer materials and their final processing and end-product.

The centre has advanced techniques, which enables the discovering of the characteristics, behaviour and properties of the polymeric materials. Depending on the results obtained, the R&D team will select for each case the material that guarantees the required in-service quality and behaviour.

The centre designs new materials ? not only to improve the properties, but taking into consideration the technical specifications of the product, its manufacturing processes and the cost objectives which have been set.

Development Stage:

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This project has received funding from the European Union Seventh Framework Programme (FP7/2007-2013) under grant agreement n° [609203].

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