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Know-how to improve the performance of concretes or precast elements and reduce their cost

Special concretes can provide significant advantages in costs, times and workforce in precast concrete companies, being the most relevant innovation engine nowadays in the sector.
A Spanish company has a long expertise in the field of very-high and ultra-high-performance fiber-reinforced concretes (UHPC-UHPFRC), selfcompacting concretes (SCC) and fiber-reinforced concretes (FRC). Their know-how is based in 8 years of research, 6 years designing and calculating structures with these elements and three years managing a precast concrete plant which produces these structures. Among others, the company has launched the first real applications with UHPC in the Spanish market: footbridges, panels for housing, stairs, sheet piles and floating structures. These innovations are demonstrating to be cost-efficient, satisfying both clients and users.

The main advantages of these elements are the high slenderness, improved designs, minimum maintenance requirements, longer lifetime, lower carbon footprint and much lower weight. These concrete technologies have improved properties compared to steel-made or concrete alternatives. Wherever steel and concrete are two possible solutions, it is possible that advanced concretes can provide a cost-effective solution.

The company can provide support in the following fields: optimization of concrete mixtures, development of mixtures with local components, design and optimization of precast elements, redesign of precast elements, technical assistance during the precasting and implementation of technologies in the precast plant.

Being a R&D based and innovative company, they have recently finished a Phase 2 SME Instrument H2020 project for the development of Blue Growth applications with these concretes. Now it is starting the development of a RIA-NMBP H2020 project with other 12 partners for the development of resilient composites for coastal and offshore applications.

The technical team of the company counts with two PhD Civil Engineers and three Civil Engineers. The group is highly skilled in the field of advanced materials, precast concrete elements, project management, and business strategy. These strengths are combined to add value in very different projects such as:

? Optimization of a precast concrete elements to reduce costs or improve performance
? Technical assistance for the use of in-situ special concretes in civil engineering applications
? Integration of advanced materials in a structure to minimize resources, transportation and costs
? Disruptive applications in non-construction sectors, as aquaculture, industry or urban furniture

The company is interested in being contacted by potential partners for technical cooperation agreements where the performance of advanced concretes can be exploited. Moreover, the company is also open to receive opportunities of collaboration in research projects to carry out the development of new materials with new properties and applications. A research cooperation agreement will be established in this case.

» Reference: TOES20171116001/SPAIN

» Sector: Tecnologías de Materiales Manufactura Industrial Construcción Industria

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