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Russian manufacturer of fibreglass-reinforced product is looking for partners within manufacturing agreement

The Russian company from Permy specializes in production and selling of glass fiber reinforcement polymer. The company was established in 2009
Nowadays the company is one of the largest producers of composite glass fiber reinforcement polymer in the territory of Russia.This material has perfect physical and mechanical characteristics, which allows to use it in building and constructions instead of traditional metal. It gives significant economical profit. The technology of the company allows to produce the product with perfect characteristics: fiber reinforced polymer is corrosion-resistant, tensile strength of fiber reinforced polymer is 3 times higher than steel one, the product is 9 times lighter than steel. The product is winded up in coils and is any construction long. Fiber reinforced polymer can be used in construction of metro station, shopping centers and office buildings, in reinforcement of concrete floors, sewage treatment plants, elements of dwelling blocks, in construction of inductrial floors, bridges. The company has successful long-term experience in using fiber reinforced polymer in construction of a bridge in Poland, metro stations in Moscow, 5 storey dwelling-houses in Moscow region, sewage treatment plants and other. The company is deeply involved in development activities at federal, regional and international levels.
The company has patents for fiber reinforcement polymer and its producing lines. The company has all required documents and certificates for the product in Russia: GOST Russia certificate of conformity, the sanitary-epidemiologic conclusion, ISO 9001:2008. The company also has certificates of conformity in Poland, Estonia, South Korea, UAE and Thailand. The factory is certificated by European standard.
The company is interested in finding partners for cooperation within manufacturing agreement or joint venture agreement.
Within the framework of a manufacturing agreement the Russian company is ready to produce any kind of fiber reinforced polymer and deliver them to the partner side. Terms of delivery, lot size and other peculiarities will be discussed after the first contact.
Within the framework of joint venture agreement a foreign partner has to create in its own country the plants for production of fiber reinforced polymer and related products, and ensure their commercialization. The Russian company will supply the partner side necessary material to ensure reproducibility and high quality of the products. In addition, the Russian company will supply the partner the equipment on the mutually beneficial basis; provide demo and training for equipment operating, help product adaptation to the needs of the partner and create engineering center in Russia. Terms and details of the agreement will be discussed after the first contact.

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