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Comerio Ercoleâ??s calenders at Plast 2018 - L configuration and 7-metre long rolls

At Plast2018, Comerio Ercole will present, together with its subsidiary CKA, someimportant technological innovations recently developed for calendering machinesand plants for plastics processing.

Inparticular, the company will unveil Flexi, a multi-purpose calender withhigh-precision hydraulic roll positioning, designed to work with 4 or 5 rollsaccording to the type of processed product (plasticised or rigid PVC sheets),thus obtaining 3 and 4 lamination banks, respectively, while keeping the samedownstream stretching, embossing and cooling units. The new inverted L calenderconfiguration, designed and patented by the two companies, enables the calender  to grant high quality performances for a widerange of applications.

During theshow, a giant calender will also be exhibited, featuring 7-meter long rolls anddesigned for the production of thermal/acoustic insulation materials at processtemperatures up to 260°C. The first giant calender has been commissioned andstarted up during 2017, and the customer, based on the results obtained interms of process accuracy, has confirmed a new order for a second identical unit,to be delivered within the first quarter of 2018. It’s a great result forComerio Ercole to have designed and built this calender, as well as thesatisfaction of the customer and his confirmation of the new order. Theserecent results were further strengthened on the basis of the service providedby the Comerio Ercole R&D team, which allowed the development of new andinnovative composite products on behalf of the final customer. 

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