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Electromagnetic absorption behaviour of ferrite loaded three phase carbon fabric composites

This article investigates the electromagnetic absorption behaviours of carbon helical yarn fabric reinforced composites and manganese‚??zinc (Mn‚??Zn) ferrite particles loaded 3 phase fabric composites. A carbon helical yarn having stainless steel core was prepared and made into single jersey knitted fabric. The composite was prepared by sandwiching a fabric with polypropylene films and thermal pressed. The absorption values of helical yarn fabric composite was observed to be less in the C band region (4‚??8 GHz). For improving the absorption coefficients of composite, Mn‚??Zn ferrite particles were dispersed in the polypropylene (PP) composite. The ferrite loaded PP composites exhibited better permittivity and permeability values, hence the absorption loss of the composite was improved. The helical yarn fabric reinforced with Mn‚??Zn ferrite/PP composite showed larger absorption coefficients than virgin PP/fabric composite. The change in thermal stability and particle size distribution i...

» Author: Krishnasamy Jagatheesan, Alagirusamy Ramasamy, Apurba Das and Ananjan Basu

» Reference: Krishnasamy Jagatheesan <em>et al</em> 2018 <em>Smart Mater. Struct.</em> <b>27</b> 025004

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