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Co(OH)2/Ag based interdigital micro-supercapacitor fabricated via laser welding and electrodeposition with excellent bendability

Ag/Co(OH)2 interdigital electrode with unique micro-flower structure was fabricated by welding Ag nanoparticles to polyproplene (PP) substrate via laser irradiation, followed by electrodeposition of Co(OH)2. The Ag/Co(OH)2 composite exhibited specific capacitance of 729?Fg?1 at current density of 0.5 Ag?1. Micro-supercapacitor was fabricated through coating KOH/polyvinyl alcohol hydrogel as electrolyte onto the interdigital electrode. Maximum energy density of 9.47?Whkg?1 at power density of 300?Wkg?1 had been obtained for the micro-supercapacitor with excellent bendability, demonstrating capacitance retention of approximately 97.67% after 1000 bending cycles. The enhanced bendability compared with the supercapacitors reported previously may be attributed to that the surface of thermoplastic PP melted under laser irradiation to form a melt, which soaked Ag nanoparticles and then solidified, thus realizing the good adhesion between PP and Ag. This technology opens up opportunities for facile and universal fabrication of high performance micro-supercapacitors.

» Author: Mingping He, Wanli Xu, Yuechao Wu, Zhenqiang Dong, Liang Lv

» Reference: 10.1016/j.inoche.2019.04.013

» Publication Date: 01/06/2019

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